BERTRAMS – The innovative exhaust and flue pipe specialist.
Since 1876.

State of the art technology

As a leader with qualitative and innovative standards, we continuously invest in new machines and equipment in order to produce better products more efficiently.   This does not only guarantee high quality products, but also provides our customers with an attractive price/performance ratio.

Below some samples of our machinery:

Machines for professional processing of coils

Manufacture of custom sheet metal blanks for the production of pipes and fittings by cutting of rolled steel sheets, called coils.


Efficient bending of rolled sheet metal blanks into bends of various degrees.

Longitudinal seam welding machines

Fully automated welding machines for the production of flue pipes through

  • WIG welding
  • Plasma welding
  • Laser welding

Use of state of the art robot controlled processes for the production of flue pipes and bends.

Welding and painting robots

Fully automated robots with offline programming systems for the implementation of complex automated tasks through

  • WIG welding
  • electrostatic painting

Painting plant

Fully automated surface treatment of pipes and bends through the use of modern wheel blast systems, followed by the automated application of the new environmental paint by a robot. Senotherm® UHT-HYDRO is a highly temperature consistent, water based paint which is solvent, smoke and odourless free.