BERTRAMS – The innovative exhaust and flue pipe specialist.
Since 1876.

Innovation as a catalyst to success.

Besides high quality products, innovation is another important angle for our success – starting from the invention of the Kniepresse for the industrial production of pipe bends to the implementation of new welding technologies and robot-controlled processes. The introduction of our new environmental paint, senotherm® UHT-Hydro is only our most recent innovation and unique throughout Europe.

UNESCO-World Heritage Site

Our new production site in Jois is among one of the 850 areas worldwide classified as a UNESCO-World Heritage site. Both outside as well as inside we were eager to create a friendly working environment. Whereas inside we have created big working spaces with lots of daylight and meeting rooms for our employees, outside we have adapted to our surrounding by planting wine yards and local flora and fauna.

Our new innovative environmental paint

Throughout Europe Bertrams is the first flue pipe producer with a fully automated painting plant, especially designed for using a new environmental paint, senotherm® UHT-HYDRO. The paint was developed by the international renowned company Weilburger, in cooperation with Bertrams.

Smoke and odourless free

As the private oven gets more and more popular, so does the anger among families when they heat their oven for the first time and witness a strong, nasty smell. With our new environmental paint this problem has now been solved as our new paint is solvent free, highly temperature consistent, water based and smoke and odourless free.