BERTRAMS – The innovative exhaust and flue pipe specialist.
Since 1876.

the innovative family-run company

Bertrams GmbH & Co KG is one of the leading exhaust and flue pipe specialists in Europe with its own production located in Austria. Our customers value our high quality products and our role as an innovative leader in this branch. This role has its origin in 1872 with the invention of a machine (“Kniepresse”) for the industrial production of pipe bends, which early laid the foundation of our success. Since Bertrams Austria was founded in 1876, it is a family-run company and is now headed by Hermine Rosen and Martin Wolfram.


Currently our team consists of 80 employees at our production sites in Vienna and Jois. With their experience, knowledge and input they strongly contribute to the high quality of our products, our new innovations and in general to our economic success.
Yours Hermine Rosen & Martin Wolfram

Hermine Rosen

Martin Wolfram


  • 1872 Bertrams was founded by Heinrich Bertrams and Karl Höller. Following the invention of a machine, called “Kniepresse”, for the industrial production of pipe bends the company soon became well known and successful throughout Europe.
  • 1876 Establishment of our production site in Vienna, where flue pipes were produced and sold throughout the world. In the following years, new production sites were established in Brussels, Paris, Siegen, Basel, Milan and Breslau. Over the next 100 years Bertrams became a leading producer of exhaust and flue pipes.
  • 1980 As the first flue pipe producer in Austria, Bertrams introduced the innovative longitudinal seam welding of tubes.
  • 1985 Bertrams received the state award from the Republic of Austria.
  • 1996 Introduction of laser welding of thin-walled metals for flue pipes and bends.
  • 2003 Use of state of the art robot controlled processes for the production of flue pipes and bends.
  • 2005 Introduction of the quick-fastener (“Schnellverschluss”) for adjusting the degree of flue pipe bends.
  • 2006 CE-norm certification.
  • 2013 Initiation of production at our new modern factory in Jois at the Neusiedler See, a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • 2014 Introduction of the first Europe-wide fully automated painting plant for the application of a newly developed environmental paint. Senotherm® UHT-HYDRO is a highly temperature consistent water based paint, which is solvent, smoke and odourless free.